Philips Xenium 9 @ 9w the features that have never been found previously in the Xenium family, that is, the technology is dual SIM GSM mobile phone in one. This allows you to insert two SIM cards from different operators to the Xenium 9 @ 9w this. But the second card can not work together. For that there is a switch that allows you to switch the SIM card.

Views 9 @ 9w glance similar to the peer sepabriknya, the 9 @ 9f first appear. However, 9 @ 9w have wider layer with dimensions 220 x 176px. Berteknologi OLED screen with color 262ribu. With only 1.2 cm thick, Xenium is the Xenium tertipis.

9 @ 9w has some features that is quite powerful. Has a 2 megapixel camera and a message to each of the rather complete (no SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging), Xenium 9 @ 9w also. As a means of entertainment, MP3 features available, and an external micro SD memory that can be upgraded to 2Gb. Means for connection, Xenium on this Bluetooth version 2.0 support A2DP. This version also support your entertainment, as they are able to use Bluetooth-based wireless headphones.
Resistance of the battery concuss
Best in class, Philips Xenium 9 @ 9w ensure you are always on - thanks to the endurance of the battery extraordinary long time. Friends mengilap slim and has dual SIM feature that enables you to have two SIM can be activated alternately, making them easy to use and reliable.

Always on, always active
• Standby time more than 1 month
• Time to talk more than 8 hours

Maximize your mobility
• Dual SIM SIM to activate the two switch easily.

Maximize your Multimedia Experience
• 2.0 megapixel camera
• MP3 playback and ringtones for a superior audio experience.
• Record and playback video in MPEG4 and H263 format
• MicroSD memory card slot for storing additional data.

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