Traffic Compressor

One of the applications that can help produce the data is TrafficCompressor. Traffic Compressor capable of pressing the volume of data between 25% to 80% of our data transfer.

But, of course, not all capable of compressed data with TrafficCompressor. For more detailed data that can be compressed is:

* Web page: the script (JavaScript / VBScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and other text.
* Email: all types of email received with either POP3 or IMAP4 with or without attachments. Attachment with compression (ZIP, MP3, EXE. JPEG, GIF files and the like) can be pressed hinggal around 25-30%.
* Traffic Instant Messenger: ICQ, MSN, AIM, YM, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu.
* Traffic Usenet (News).
* Traffic IRC (only for port 6667-6670)
* Traffic Online Games (MMORPG's? MPOG's) through a standard port.

While the data can not be compressed is:

* Web pages: images, flash, ActiveX, Java applets, ZIP, MP3, EXE, and other data downloads, for web page itself has been experiencing with the gzip compression.
* Traffic, such as FTP, HTTPS, SMTP, UDP, and a kind of traffic.
* IRC is using port other than 6667-6670.
* Online Games are not using the default port.
* Streaming video and audio.
* Voice chat using the messenger.

Size : 1.09 MB
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