Materi Manajemen Resiko dan Asuransi

Risk Management:
1. Uncertainty of ulsur identify the types of risk
2. Avoid and overcome the element of uncertainty
3. Knowing the correlation and the consequences antarperistiwa
4. Finding and taking steps to deal with risks

Understanding Risk:
Uncertainty / kelidakpastian (uncertainty / evenemen) which may bear the loss event

1. Uncertainty over the occurrence of something
2. The uncertainty of when the incident occurred will lead to

1. Economic Uncertainty
Ex. Changes in consumer attitudes, changes in prices
2. Natural uncertainty
Ex. Floods, earthquakes, and others.
3. Uncertainty humanity
Ex. War, theft, murder, etc.

The terms in Risk Management:
1. Peril: Events or events that cause losses
2. Hazard: The state or kondlisi that increase the possibility of peril, ex.jalan slippery
3. Exposure: The situation or object that contains the possibility of peril exposed
4. Probability: Likelihood of occurrence of an event

In the insurance contract on which the consideration of the parties is different:
1. For insurance companies, the main concern is rnenjadi probability problem, because the amount probalilitas will be the primary basis of:
a. Determination of the amount of premium
b. Whether liability can be accepted
2. To the insured that the main concern is:

Risk or uncertainty in accountability. The greater the risk will be more likely to account.
Risk Reduction:
1. Handling Risk (Risk Control)
a. Avoid
b. Controlling
c. Separating
d. Doing a combination (addition)
e. Moving

2. Financing Risk (Risk Financirg)
a. Financing Risk Transfer
b. Retention (bear yourself)

Understanding Insurance
Insurance coverage is a transaction involving two parties, the insured and underwriter, in which the insurer guarantees the insured that he would obtain reimbursement for a loss he suffered, as a result of an event which had not necessarily happen or who previously have not been able determined when they occurred, as the insured is obligated kontraprestasinya
rnembayar some money to the insurer, the amount of a percentage of the value coverage, which is called Premium.

Who is entitled to the premiums?
There are 2 kinds of possibilities:
1. The premiums will remain the property of the insurer, although the peril of
dipertanggungiawabkan not happen.

2. The premiums returned to the insured, either at once or gradually, in accordance
with agreement as low coverage (due) or in the event of
peril in accordance with the agreement coverage. So premiums will never
become the property insurer. This happened on Life Insurance.

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