Download IDM 06 (Internet Download Manager)

Download IDM 06 (Internet Download Manager)
Internet Download Manager or a lot of people call her by name IDM, is the software that is able to retrieve / download the data that exist on the internet. The device made by New York, America occupies the top position in maximizing the speed of downloading data. Display and simple graphics make the IDM is more friendly with its users.

IDM is supported with a resume feature, namely for the sake of re download the files that were previously lost due to lost internet connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. IDM also features fast download with the ability to segment files automatically and securely supported by technology.

The software has a better ability than other similar tools currently available, due to feature in their ability to divide the data that is being downloaded into several separate parts and then put back together after the download is complete. This process is called multipart. However, unlike IDM similar devices because multipart process is done simultaneously and speeds up to 500% or five times better as claimed by the makers of this IDM

Size: 5.85 MB

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