Driver VGA SIS 961

Driver VGA SIS 961 / SIS 650

SiS961 MuTIOL® Media I/O

MuTIOL® Delivering 533MB/s Bandwidth
- Proprietary Interconnect between SiS north bridge and SiS961
- Bi-Directional 16-bit Data Bus at 266MHz Operating Frequency

Integrated Fast Ethernet/Home Networking Controller with MII Interface
- Supports 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet or 1/10Mb HomePNA2.0 with external PHY
- Compliant with ACR slots

Integrated Audio/Modem Controllers with AC'97 Interface
- Supports AC'97 v2.2 Audio Codec and Modem Codec
- Supports 5.1 Channel Speakers

Advanced Power Management
- ACPI 1.0b and APM 1.2 Compliant

Dual USB OpenHCI Host Controllers with 6 USB Ports
Dual IDE Channels with ATA 133(SiS961 B-step only) /100/66/33
Supports Up to 6 PCI Masters
LPC 1.0 Interface
Integrated RTC
Integrated Keyboard/PS2 Mouse Controller

Size: 17.23 MB

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