6 Low-End Ponsel Nokia new

Authorities market mobile phones, Nokia mobile phone re-released seabrek low-endnya series, Nokia 1200, 1208, 1650, 2660, 2630 and 2760. Kalapnya Nokia mobile phone menggelontor low-end segment indicates that this is still a main reason for malahirkan innovations newest products.

Nokia 1200 and Nokia 1208 each candy bar shape. For the features do not expect much, because both are still with dipersenjatai features standard low-end mobile phone.

However, they have additional features that are new. Features call-time tracking allows you to set how long the call you want to do. And will automatically expire in accordance with the set up time that you want. Thus you can save cost and free calls.

Number of Phonebook that quite a lot, one-touch flashlight [the flashlight], language, tutorials, etc.. Difference between them is the Nokia 1200 has a Monochrome screen while the Nokia 1208 is equipped with the type of color CSTN screen. Nokia 1200 new akan dipasaran available in September 2007 with an estimated price of 35 EUR [Rp.400ribuan], while the Nokia 1208 will also demolish the market in the same price with a 40 EUR [Rp.500ribuan].

Other variant is the Nokia 1650, also forms batangan and entry-level category, but a little more sophisticated than the first two models. Nokia 1650 features already there FM radio, MP3 support, language, and also the flashlight [the torch] and call time limit feature. Nokia 1650 will be planned to the market in July 2007 with the price of 65 EUR [Rp.700ribuan].

Nokia 2660 has the form of a clamshell design and more beautiful than just a basic mobile phone functions. This model is equipped with a GPRS connection, Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 support and 500-entry Phonebook. Nokia 2660 will also be marketed in July 2007.

Nokia 2630 and Nokia 2760 mobile phone relatives also go low-end, but features a more rich compared with the four models above. Nokia 2630 has a candybar design excellence tertipis dikelasnya with thickness 9.9 mm. With the camera already dipersenjatai [VGA], Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 support. Nokia 2630 will be marketed in September 2007 with the price 85EUR [Rp.1juta].

While the Nokia 2760 has the form of a clamshell device with GPRS, Bluetooth, camera [VGA] with video record function, FM radio, MP3 support and 1000-entry Phonebook. New akan released in September 2007 with the price of 90 EUR [Rp1, 2jt]

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