Nokia 8600 Luna Preview

Nokia has issued a series of new mobile phone called the Master Piece with 8600 Luna, mobile phone has a body made of steel material (stainless steel) transparant and opaque glass, specification of this Nokia 8600 Luna looks better than 8800 SIRROCO, especially the size of the resolution a larger screen that is 240x320 vs. 208 x208 pixels, color depth or quality of the image on the display of the 8600 Luna is able to issue 16,777,216 (more than sixteen million) colors or True Color (24 bits), which is similar to the quality of computer monitors.

Transparant glass materials that cover the dark warnya rada keypad make this phone look sexi, Nokia's first mobile phone Master Piece series never fails to attract people who see the mobile phone when in use. So for users who need mobile phones to match their fashion so that people menolehkan head or at least make them look like when it speaks through his mobile phone will not buy one if the Nokia 8600 Luna is.

Nokia mobile phone owner Visible Master Piece rarely use bluetooth handsfree is because they prefer to hold the phone and paste directly to their ear, it may only be used handsfree while using the vehicle only, please note that the Nokia 8600 Luna does not support bluetooth stereo handsfree (A2P). And the trend shows that the use of Master Piece owners do not like to change their mobile phone casing because the casing is not original beauty can not be issued a mobile phone to make even this curiosity and this ugliness mobile phone, mobile phone owners if not the Master Piece series like casing to replace their mobile phones because of fear or damaged disfigure ruler in its original casing it is not so for the mobile phone owner Master Piece series because they are sure that the top of the class able to buy its original casing if it has been damaged or disabled.

From now until the first mobile phone Master Piece has never Operating System (OS) or mobile phone, this is not the type Smartphone, many people ask why this is done by Nokia? of the many possible answers are correct there is only one that seems most appropriate, namely the mobile phone users who use this type only have most reason to complete their fashion needs and not to help optimize their work, so facilities and Smartphone functionality is not needed because enough mubajir and making the user.

It also Master Piece series until now never have that have external memory slot, the Nokia 8600 Luna has a capacity of 128 MB of internal memory which is the size compared to most other series Master Piece. Facilities 3G (UMTS) for the video call is not provided by Nokia in any series Master Piece. So later if this mobile phone owners traveling to an area should be ascertained that the area has a GSM network, syukurlah Nokia 8600 Luna supports all GSM frequencies, namely 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz.

Nokia 8600 Luna has been issued in foreign countries, so in the country in Indonesia is estimated at least August 2007, the price range may be about 8 million, according to how you? want?

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