Samsung G600, Mobile 5.0 Megapixel Camera Has Launched

The end of July 2007, Samsung announced the first time the presence of SGH-G600, family new Samsung camera phone with 5.0 megapixel resolution that berbalut beautiful black slider casing.

For photography business, a mode of shooting and mosaics panoramik supported by the Power LED flash, image stabilizer, and image enhancer. Selebar LCD screen with 2.2 inch 16 million color beresolusi, G600 capable display images and graphics and large text and web pages in full size perfectly.

Samsung G600 dipersenjatai with multimedia facilities specifically designed for those who are always mobile. Music lovers will be spoiled by default MP3 player, FM Radio with RDS, Bluetooth connectivity, and not micro SD slot for additional media disematkan store.

Featured roaming the Internet also increased so that mobile users can freely use the browser Netfront v.3.4 which berkemampuan almost equivalent to the PC browser. G600 is expected to appear on the European market starting from August 2007. For the Indonesian market? Wait presence

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