Style Handset Nokia Prisma have

Nokia introduced a mobile phone in the prism of fashion themed fossa diamonds adopted recently. Two impressive phone titled Prism Nokia 7900 and Nokia 7500 Prism is intended for consumers who want a mix between elegant style with sophisticated facilities in the ditanamkan.
Phone dibanderol about U.S. $ 290 for the Prism 7500 and U.S. $ 559 for the 7900 Prism will be available in the market in the third quarter of 2007.

Nokia 7500 Prism

With the price of his brother, 7500 Prism can be spelled with a more simple without the presence of 3G technology notabene become a requirement for a sophisticated mobile phone. But physically, the phone looks slick because it has more sway in the top corner of 7900 compared to the more impressed.

To confirm the fashionnnya, a black mobile phone is decorated with accents of light can be changed as you wish. The presence of internal memory and 30 MB additional memory slot is a 2 GB microSD are more than enough to store up to 1500 songs or pictures. 2 MP camera that can record ditanamkan images and short films in high quality. For business data transfer, Bluetooth and microUSB available

Key Features:
Network: GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100
Battery endurance: 240 hours standby, 3 hours talk
Memory: 1 GB internal
Camera: 2 MP
Display: OLED 16 million colors

Nokia 7900 Prism

Technology and dual 3G Quadband GSM is a feature of the excellent Nokia 7900 Prism which allow operation in all the countries in the world. The fashion mobile phone charm can be seen from the OLED display color berkedalaman 16 million to support the wallpaper effect "life" that change every time the turnover time, signal strength and battery condition. By default, the phone provides 49 kinds of light color themes that can be selected according to taste. If one theme is selected, then the rays which encircle the phone body, OLED display, and keypad will be changed, including the LED notification messages or incoming call that is on the top of the phone.

Seeing the internal memory of 1 GB memory slot without additional option, customers must be clever-clever set the file to be saved including the catapult, and a recording film of the 2 MP camera beresolusi own. The FM radio feature that is expected to treat consumers disappointment which can not save seabreg own MP3 files on the phone. Transfer data between devices can be made via Bluetooth and microUSB.

Network: GSM triband 900/1800/1900
Battery endurance: 280jam standby, 2.8 hours talk
Memory: 30 MB internal, external 2 GB microSD
Camera: 2 MP
Screen: TFT 16 million colors

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