Blackberry mobile phone 3G (UMTS)

Blackberry has issued the type of the first Blackberry that has 3G UMTS support, this model is named 8707v, 8707v specification is almost the same as the 8700 in size, shape and body to its engine specifications, which is different is the support for 3G UMTS data communication as direct and as a 3G modem using the data connection to its USB cable.

Initially, this is for the 8707v Mobile Plans Vodafone, but it usually Blackberry will make some other models the same specification for Mobile Plans others, to have a sense of connectivity 8707v Bluetooth and miniUSB and v2 can be run on the GSM (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz), and of course 3G UMTS network.

Like other Blackberry models, this type of mobile phone only for business purposes such as for the push email function and application organaiser a powerful note as a calendar (agenda), address book, task-list, memo pad and calculator, in terms of multimedia 8707v is very minimal because the not have a camera, radio or external memory slot, this is similar to the characteristics of palmOne's mobile phone that is only for the purpose of the office is not multimedia.

Maybe something unique characteristics Blackberry screen that is not diversified touch-screen (does not support stylus input), such as other PDAs, so use only enough on the keyboard with his mini even more similar to the escape key as the PC computer keyboard.

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