Mini GPS PDA Phone ASUS P320

ASUS P320 Mini GPS PDA Phone comes in the form of a capsule, and the light in the hand grip. Views outside the thin and slim, with the external form of smooth, make it beautiful eyes are seen. And not only the outside only, the features provided in it to make more vigorous P320 - all entered in an exclusive display of the interface developed by ASUS.

ASUS P320, PDA Phone with GPS Mini
With the form of a compact and mini, slim design and lightweight, P320 is a blow for the community of the present fashion. In addition to the summary size, this mini PDA phone has many strong features. Working platform in the Microsoft Windows ® Mobile 6.1 ™ Professional and dipaketkan with many features such as GPS navigation, EDGE / GPRS and WiFi for Internet access, Bluetooth, USB and more. P320 is the best accessories that take you across the world of work and play.

Luxurious dressing and the Beautiful
ASUS P320 reflects the style of the present, the pattern of modern thought and attention to detail that it is a typical design of ASUS. Luxurious, interesting, and provides a sensation lambency bait, integrates all dressing in the color pink, white and hitam.Sementara the size of the mini strengthen presence - make it an elegant accessories in the event of any kind.

GPS Navigation Easier
P320 has integrated GPS module that allows a satellite connection that is faster for the user to track their position. Even at the broad even if the location, the GPS network can always show the location of users, and the navigation software will guide users to be able to smoothly goals.

Easy Access with ASUS Today

* With ASUS Today, you can access your calendar, messages, weather and media player in one view Main - provide easy access for its users to use these functions.
* The ASUS RSS Reader provides the latest information automatically and provides the latest news and update blog - to help the user to stay updated with the situation or the latest website update.
* Ur Time, which the user can set the area up to four different times on the phone's desktop - give comfort to set the meeting in the world.

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