New Motorola mobile phone row - RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition

End of the year, Motorola is preparing launched mobile phone anyarnya row. Mobile phone chain that is ready dilaunch by Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury is Edition, W156/W160, W175/180, W206/W213 and W377. A special phone line between the earlier course is Anyar RAZR2 Luxury Edition V2 (hereinafter referred to as V8 LE). As with expensive Vertu mobile phone as platinum and gold-plated bertabur stone, so too with this LE V8.

Comes with body-plated 18 carat gold on the front and side, and the soft layer Texturized like snake skin on the back. Really modis and luxurious. Phone feature which exactly match the RAZR V8, the RAZR series, such as other body which has a thin, only 12.05 mm in terlipat. Internal display is quite big, 2.2 "with QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels), and an external display that also estra wide, measuring 2" beresolusi 320x240 pixels and features touch button. 2 Megapixel camera strength dibenamkan to participate in the phone. Memory? Do not worry because this phone has internal memory of 2 GB, but does not have an external memory slot. Bluetooth with A2DP is also supported by the luxury this. Unfortunately you will not find a connection at this time most up to date, 3G and HSDPA. Gold-plated mobile phone also features Bluetooth headset H680 yangh also coated 18 carat gold. No lag matching leather case that also the completeness in the sales package. Unfortunately, the price the phone is not announced. That is higher than RAZR 2 V8 version of the standard.

Other mobile phone launched Mjotorola W series is the target class mid-low end, the W156/W160, W175/180, W206/W213 and W377. The phone has a pair of the model and features the same, I get on the network. The only one to support network in the United States, namely GSM 850/1900 MHz, while the only support network that is global GSM 900/1800 MHz.

W160, W180, W213 and W377 (series that supports a global network), features FM radio, but the odd, does not include the headphones in the sales package. Moreover colokan Headsetnya the type of 2.5 mm. All this series except W377 Motorola supports the new features, namely CrystalTalk technology, which will adjust the audio signal so that the fixed ring in noisy situations.

Motorola W377 is a clamshell phone equipped with VGA camera, 10 MB memory, MP3 player, bluetooth, and USB ports. Available in several colors (one pink) and will begin to be marketed before the Christmas day later.
Motorola W 206/W213 is candybar phone layuar with 65 thousand colors, 1 MB memory, ringtone format MP3, FM radio, and weight only 78 grams.

Motorola W156/W160 is a candy bar phone with a monochrome screen and 20Kb memory, monophonic ringtone and will be available in the market about this in November.

Motorola W175/W180 has the same form with the W156/W160, a different screen that I have colored with 65 thousand colors and 70KB memory. Ringtonenya also still monophonic. Available in the market about this in November as well.

So make your pengin appear glamorous and luxurious look, prepare it for money nebus RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is certainly a price above the average price of regular mobile phone. Create your broke again but also pengin style row W series ready for you to get your pinang and appear stylish.

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