SERENATA: unique collaboration Korea Germany

Telecommunications whiz origin South Korea Samsung in collaboration with the original manufacturer of audio video with Germany's famous unique products, Bang & Olufsen. The result? A unique mobile music (but also very weird), Samsung Serenata.

Serenata is designed by David Lewis, the famous with the unique designs in the product Bang & Olufsen. Serenata before given names, appear rumor that this series bakan named Serene2 or F310. Serenata is seen as a music player rather than a mobile phone. Designed as a successor Serenata Samsung Serene, the first collaboration of Samsung and Bang & Olufsen that failed in the market because the price is too high at U.S. $ 1500 or around Rp 15 million.

When you first see her mobile phone triband GSM and 3G/HSDPA this, you will see a strange and upside down, touch screen 256,000 color TFT screen in the bottom, and the navigation key-shaped wheels that are in the big top. The play button is multifunctional, able to answer / close a call, browse the files in the playlist the song, write a message and so forth. In addition there are the "c" and "back" at the top and bottom, the "send" and "end" on the left and right, and the "music" and "more" right at the top of the screen. This strange other speaker phone hidden under the aluminum panel. So if you want to receive or make calls, move the first panel to the top of the new earpiecenya can be used.

Serenata is more inclined as a music player rather than the phone. That's why Samsung does not include a keypad on the phone. The internal memory of 4 GB is enough to store music files and video files. Because the internal memory has been considered quite roomy, Serenata does not have additional memory slots. For the wireless connection is available only bluetooth, no WiFi and infra red. Cameras are not provided by the phone. This mobile phone is also able to make the MP3 file format as a ringtone.

Uniqueness of others, while the phone works as a music player, displaynya color is changed to red and blue when it functions as a phone. As a music phone, Serenata has a pair of stereo speakers that sound is able to stream crystal clear, even though the volume is set at the highest position. This is owing to ICE power amplification technology that is owned by Bang & Olufsen. Stereo speakers this new look at the back of the phone slides up digeser. In the sales package also included stand to put a phone on the table, so it looks beautiful. For the music player software is provided BeoPlayer able to synchronize the music files on the device and on your computer. To synchronize data, such as contact, SMS and available appointment Samsung PC studio software.

Mobile phone with the thickness 19.7 mm and weights 136 grams is still not yet announced a price. So just wait and see.

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