Symbian Foundation: OS Smartphone free

After experiencing a lot of development, which is a Symbian OS Smartphone and total assets have been purchased by Nokia will be a group called the Symbian Foundation. Group will be used as a bridge to make the open source mobile platform.

Many reasons for the Nokia Symbian Symbian Foundation to be one of the reasons is merging several different versions of Symbian OS, currently has outstanding Symbian smartphone that has a different interface but has the same function, some examples are:

* Symbian UIQ is often used by Sony Ericsson (P990, M600, W950, etc.), Motorola (MOTORIZR Z8, MOTORIZR Z10: UIQ 3.1 - Symbian OS v9.2) and also Nokia (Nokia 6708), UIQ interface has a touch screen without keypad to operate the mobile phone.

* Symbian Series 60 or often referred to as the S60 is used to only use the keypad for the operation and now has a touch screen interface (S60 touch 3rd edition), which is similar to UIQ.

* Symbian MOAP (Mobile Oriented Applications Platform), which until now is still only available for the Symbian smartphone market in Japan only, one example is the Mitsubishi D800iDS have a dual screen operation is similar to the Nintendo DS is 2 and the screen only the bottom of the screen that has a the touch screen.

Nokia expects the creation of the Symbian Foundation will have a lot of mobile phone companies to use Symbian OS, the Symbian Foundation will give a free OS Smartphone free alias free, and Nokia also want to be the CP (Content Provider) to make more Symbian applications.

To know the development of the Symbian Foundation, please see on your website that is authorized

Is Nokia akan later changed my mind and take the business opportunity (interest cost of the license) usetelah Symbian Foundation to be an open source OS Smartphone the most famous and most widely used? Whether mobile application developer community can push up the Symbian Foundation? how you?

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