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1. Legal Fundament

Decree of DPRGR of Regency of Pekalongan of number 1/PD/DPRGR/II/1967 about Device of Area is date of 29 August 1967 and number 1/PD/DPRGR/II/1971 about Use of Device of Area is date of 16 February 1971.

2. Form, Fill Device, Size measure and also the Colors

Device of Area of Regency of Pekalongan is in form of winged shield in size measure of parallelogram of square with wide and long comparison 1:1. From the top of downwards comprise painting :

a. Angular star five rust colored of gold.

b. Tricolors shield, is successive the than left to right yellow, brownish 9 deep brown and nut brown). width of young Brown of wide half of shield.

c. Middle of shield painted by a unsheathed by diametrical keris of black chromatic.
d. Blue sea and fish of white chromatic.

e. Colors paddy turn yellow with green chromatic leaf it is true shield me. Amount of paddy items right side 23 seed left side 22 seed of is amount of both 45 seeds.

f. Regular ribbon portray Pekalongan of Jlamprang comprise 8 bungan.

g. Nick or saw at (wing of berekpak) rust colored mark with lines green. Amount nick (fur nick) right side 9 piece of left side 8 piece of, amount entire/all nicking 17 piece.

3. Meaning and Content Device :

a. Star, symbolizing Believing in god which Is Single to The Most express that citizen/resident of Sub-Province Pekalongan generally believe and devote to God Which Is Single The Most.

b. Angle Corner Five at Star, symbolizing Five Principles. Society in Sub-Province Pekalongan believes that Five Principles is the source of from all source punish in managing, arranging and constructing area.

c. Tricolors Shield, please symbolist that citizen dweller of Sub-Province Pekalongan, consist of different citizen is, race, national of him but remain to keep together. Colors yellow represent race of tionghoa, nutbrown of original race of Indonesia, and deep brown represent race of Arab. Original race is prima facie dweller or lajer (fundamental). Portrayed in the middle of shield, please symbolist that original race is [party/side] which embrace both other race so that [relation/link] is formed in physical good life and rohaniah.

d. Keris, symbolizing endless Sub-Province Pekalongan people patriotism [soul/head], in advocating and constructing and also develop build Indonesia fatherland and area.
e. Sea and Fish, please symbolist that some of lives of Sub-Province Pekalongan people of sea (fisherman).

f. Paddy It is true Shield me, symbolizing prosperity of area, and also is the source of life and also people staple food. Amount of items 45 seed isn't it Proclamation year Independence Of Republic Indonesia.

g. Ribbon Pekalonganik of Jlamprang, symbolizing one of [the] artistry of Sub-Province Pekalongan people that is Pekalongan Pekalonganik is life of people. Flower Ceplok amount to 8 symbolizing month of August.

h. Nick (sawat), symbolizing dynamic people aspiration, peaceful love, going to direction supremacy of area and nymph of prosperous and fair life and also born and mind.


To isn't it activity of development of area flattened needed by an reference to motivate, to moving and conscripting entire/all Sub-Province Pekalongan Motto Sub-Province Pekalongan society potency is Town " SANTRI" is abbreviation from Healthy, Peaceful, Balmy, Order, neety and Respect.

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