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Based on major cities REGIONAL REGULATION Pekalongan contained in the Regional Supplement to the I level autonomous Central Java On December 15, 1958 Series B No. 11 Pekalongan symbol meanings as follows:

:: Part One::

Based on the yellow gold as a symbol of prosperity of the painting "canting" memperlambangkan "KOTA BATIK". Canting red as a symbol of life and leaf-green stems growing rice as a symbol of prosperity.

:: Part Two::

Batik "BATIK JLAM-Prang" memperlambangkan "batik art".

:: Part Three::

Describe blue based "SEA" contains 3 (Trias Politica) silvery white fish in a black net, which means the history of the origin of growth Pekalongan grow because sea fishing (A Pek ALONG An).

:: Part Four::

Shield as a symbol of the fortress called the City with five (5) Pancasila tower, the middle one of which is a door and a little more prominently that "Belief in God Almighty" which means "people who worship". Castle black rock "symbol of strength". (Source Port field)

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